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Date selected: December 2019

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Stop and listen to your child

There’s much talk these days about mindfulness, but it’s not always easy in everyday life. Adults have to think about many things related to the home, work life, children and hobbies. There are plenty of schedules and obligations. In contrast, children live in a world of desires where they want to get things and to […]

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Ask a paediatrician about your child’s overweight

Marketta, you are studying children’s overweight, and as a paediatrician you have also treated overweight children. Why do we need to intervene when a child is overweight? Isn’t it a family matter?   Overweight in children and adolescents has to do with growth. Healthy growth is a great thing. Many parents mark their child’s height […]

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Smoking when pregnant or breastfeeding – where can I get help and support?

Why would I succeed in quitting smoking?   Have you previously succeeded in quitting smoking? What helped you then? What did you succeed in? Try to think that planning for pregnancy and the pregnancy itself offer you a chance to make a change. Changing the way you think about quitting smoking might help.   “I’m […]

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Dental care instructions

Basic principles of dental care Eating regular meals and avoiding snacks prevents tooth decay. You should only eat at mealtimes (4 to 6 times a day). When you’re feeling thirsty, it’s best to choose water, as it doesn’t contain any acids to damage teeth. Brush your teeth every morning and night with a toothpaste that contains […]

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Emotional skills in our family

Emotional skills in our family Small children can experience many feelings. They may be frightened about going to day care and feel shy in the company of strangers. A little girl’s big brother is really good at ice hockey, but her younger sister always ruins everything they are playing. She feels irritated when her mum says […]

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Screen time

Screen time means all the time spent using digital devices (smartphones, television, computer, tablets, videogames). It’s a good idea to talk about the amount of daily screen time with your children and to agree on limits for the use of devices in your family. It’s difficult to give specific recommendations about screen time, considering that […]

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Our family don’t exercise – what should we do?

Our family is so busy that I don’t have time to exercise enough. Dad: “The way we use our time makes exercising awkward. We’re poor at organizing things and marking them on the calendar. I can’t plan anything really.” Mum: “That’s right, and although I’d like to plan everything, sometimes it’s just impossible.”  – Mum, Dad […]

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A nursing mother’s diet

Breast milk provides the best nutrition for babies. A mother’s healthy balanced diet ensures the good composition of breast milk, promotes recovery from childbirth, boosts the mother’s energy levels and promotes successful breastfeeding. When the mother eats a healthy and varied diet, breastfeeding will not consume too much of the mother’s nutrient supplies. The diet […]

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Diet during pregnancy

Before pregnancy   Planning for pregnancy and the pregnancy itself often make you aware of the eating habits and lifestyle of the whole family. During the first trimester, the nutrition and growth of the foetus depend largely on the mother’s nutrition before pregnancy. Therefore, you should consider the quality of your nutrition already when planning […]

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10 tips for a healthier family life

1. Do things together. As a parent, you can influence your child’s choices by setting an example. The parents have the last word in many family issues, but when learning health skills, it is worth involving the children right away. What does each family member value in the family? What skills should we learn together next? What […]

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