Smart Family – what is it?
Smart Family – bringing joy, motivation and encouragement to the lives of families with children Smart Family is part of the activities of the Finnish Heart Association and part of the umbrella project One Life, which also involves the Finnish Brain Association and the Finnish Diabetes Association. Smart Family provides professionals with a method and tools for the lifestyle counselling of families with children. For families, Smart Family provides information and support on lifestyle choices. We want to support families with overweight children, in particular.

Smart Family – method for professionals


The Smart Family method has been developed to support lifestyle counselling for families. The key aim is to promote healthy lifestyle choices and give families a greater feeling of control. It is important to help families to identify the good things in daily life and to use them as a foundation for making changes. The need for changes arises through self-assessments made by families themselves, which means that discussions with a professional can concentrate on the themes each family considers important.


The method includes the following tools:

  • The Smart Family Card works as a self-assessment tool for families and helps professionals to talk about lifestyle choices.
  • The Smart Family illustration folder (in Finnish) helps to identify the themes brought up by families and incorporate them into daily life.
  • The Smart Family information folder (in Finnish) is a handbook for professionals containing information about the Smart Family method, counselling as well as exercise and nutrition.
  • The Smart Family website offers families and professionals information and support on lifestyle choices for families with children.


Already over 3,000 healthcare professionals have been trained to use the Smart Family method, which is now being used in over half of the municipalities in Finland. The Smart Family counsellor training (in Finnish) provides the know-how and tools for using the method.


The Smart Family website offers families plenty of information and support on daily family life, exercise, nutrition and overweight in children.


The website also provides the following resources:


We will be happy to give you further information about the Smart Family method and answer any questions about its use. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!