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Dental care instructions

The habits and practices that maintain good oral health are formed during the first years of life. Brush your teeth every morning and night, make them happy, shiny and white.

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Published 18.12.2019
Updated 24.2.2021

Basic principles of dental care

  • Eating regular meals and avoiding snacks prevents tooth decay. You should only eat at mealtimes (4 to 6 times a day).
  • When you’re feeling thirsty, it’s best to choose water, as it doesn’t contain any acids to damage teeth.
  • Brush your teeth every morning and night with a toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • It’s important that parents also take care of their own oral health, as the bacteria that cause tooth decay are transmitted from parents to children in saliva. Remember not to taste food using your child’s spoon.
  • A child’s baby teeth and permanent teeth that are still developing decay more easily than an adult’s teeth. It’s important to take good care of teeth during the years following their eruption, as that’s when tooth decay occurs particularly easily.
  • The habits and practices that maintain good oral health are formed during the first years of life.

Eating habits to protect dental health

  • Sweet snacks and sugary drinks impair dental health.
  • Any drinks containing sugar and acids should be taken together with meals. Between meals, you can drink water.
  • Sweet snacks can be eaten occasionally with meals so that they don’t interfere with the daily meal plan and the natural feeling of hunger.
  • Even on candy days, you should only eat sweets in moderation.
  • Fibre-rich foods increase salivation. Whole-grain products, carrots and fruit in particular contain ingredients that prevent bacterial activity.
  • Regular use of xylitol products, three to five times daily, prevents tooth decay. Cheese and nuts also stop acid erosion. At the end of a meal, you can eat some cheese or take xylitol as a gum or as an easily soluble pastille.

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