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Empowering questions for family

Every now and then it’s good to stop to talk about your daily life, because it changes constantly as the kids grow, responsibilities change and life moves forward. Even parenting undergoes constant changes and you keep learning new parenting skills. It’s a comforting idea that you keep learning it the entire time the kids grow. And […]

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Your body is a superhero

Everyone’s body is unique and important. Your body is good just the way it is and is worth taking care of. What does your body like? What’s good for your body? It’s important to teach children body positivity and appreciation. Talk about the body as appropriate for the child’s age: What’s your body like? What […]

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A mindfulness exercise for adults

  This is a mindfulness exercise for adults that helps you relax and pause during busy life. In Finnish, soon in English.Duration: about 7 minutes. Mindfulness exercises focus on attentiveness and make you concentrate on your breathing and bodily sensations.      

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A mindfulness exercise for children and adults

Mindfulness exercises help you to be aware of your body as a whole: your breathing, sensations, thoughts and emotions. Exercises are simple and aim at focusing on the chosen target such as breathing. The mind tends to be restless and impatient, but with practice it learns to calm down little by little. As mindfulness skills […]

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A relaxation exercise for children

  Here’s one example of a relaxation exercise you can read to your child. You can read the child’s favourite bedtime story often to allow the child to learn it by heart. We grown-ups might remember an evening prayer or some other words that were repeated in our childhood. Soothing words learnt by heart may […]

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Improving children’s motor skills

What are motor skills? Motor development is an important part of children’s growth and overall development. Motor skills create the foundation for mobility, and the best time to learn these skills is from the age of 2 to 7. Motor skills are divided into three categories: gross motor skills (such as running and jumping), fine […]

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Positive table talk

Children are extremely sensitive to adults’ attitudes and judgements. The smallest members of the family are the most perceptive when it comes to eating habits and the associated behaviours and attitudes. By mimicking what adults do, children adopt healthy eating habits and also the joy and pleasure that are an important part of eating. When […]

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