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Are you worried about your child’s overweight?

Start with thinking about what in the everyday life of your family and your child is already working well. Of course, you should also identify things you want to change or improve, but it’s even more important to find the things that are already working well and build on them. Avoid watching over your children […]

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Supporting your child’s self-esteem

Believe in the child. Talk actively about the child’s skills and efforts and what they’re good at. Whatever happens, show them that we can get through this together. Trust the child and trust that they will do well, and when there is trouble, trust that better times will come. Be present in the child’s everyday life. […]

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5 tips on how to talk about children’s overweight

Be positive about your own body. Don’t talk about your weight or the child’s weight in front of the child. Make changes to diet and exercise, but don’t mention losing weight. Involve the whole family. The child’s overweight concerns everyone, so lifestyle changes affect all family members. All people are beautiful as they are. The aim […]

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Gestational diabetes – what should I know about it?

How is gestational diabetes diagnosed?   Gestational diabetes is diagnosed with an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), which is usually performed during weeks 24–28. The test is usually performed in a laboratory following a referral from the maternity clinic. Eating is not allowed for 10–12 hours before the test. A blood sample will be taken from the […]

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Stop and listen to your child

There’s much talk these days about mindfulness, but it’s not always easy in everyday life. Adults have to think about many things related to the home, work life, children and hobbies. There are plenty of schedules and obligations. In contrast, children live in a world of desires where they want to get things and to […]

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10 tips for a healthier family life

1. Do things together. As a parent, you can influence your child’s choices by setting an example. The parents have the last word in many family issues, but when learning health skills, it is worth involving the children right away. What does each family member value in the family? What skills should we learn together next? What […]

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